#Tarot Card Reading: Being your own boss

Dear G*******

Thank you for allowing me to conduct this reading for you.

Your question that you wanted me to answer was: should you leave the security of your current IT job and put all your energy into furthering your business.

For this, I did a 3 card reading as set out below:

What you should consider about your current job: Justice

What you should consider about your own business: 6 of Swords

Why you cannot decide between the two options: The Wheel of Fortune

The Justice card indicates that you have a steady job that gives a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. Despite this being a fairly comfortable situation, it still doesn’t seem to be enough, as you are weighing-up other options.

The 6 of Swords indicates that you are considering taking a journey (your business) and wanting to do something new. The journey is going to be a difficult one and you will be leaving the comfort of your current job behind, not really knowing where the journey will end. However, you may think that this is a necessary transition, as leaving the busy job behind could be a good thing as you expect to be heading to calmer waters once things settle down. You also feel that if you do not try to become your own boss, you will always wonder `what if’.

The Wheel of Fortune suggests that these options have been going around and around in your mind for some time with you unable to decide on a finale outcome; you wonder which will bring you the most happiness, or good fortune. Unfortunately, the wheel of options will keep turning until you decide on the correct path for you.


It seems that the positives and the negatives of both options have made it difficult to for you to make a decision on which option to take. It all depends on the type of person you are; will you be happier staying in your current job with a steady income, or are you the type that is happier trying something else, knowing that it isn’t going to be an easy task and running your own business will be a steep learning curve. If you can answer this question, then I believe you have found the answer to the situation as a whole

I hope this helps!

Best wishes
MacGabhann Tarot


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