#Tarot Reading – Moving House

Dear M*******

Thank you for allowing me to conduct this reading for you.

Your question that you wanted me to answer was: you are extremely unhappy in your current home and wanting to move to Coxley; you wonder if moving here will make you happy. You are also wondering how your daughter will settle in here.

For this, I did a 3 card reading as set out below:

What will be required of you of when considering moving to Coxley: Strength

What this move will offer to you: Knight of Cups

How this move will affect you: Page of Pentacles

The Strength card here, represents the mental strength. Moving house is always stressful, but given your current circumstances, this is even more stressful than the usual house moves. This will mean you may have quite a quite a testing time ahead that will require you to tap in to your reserves and persevere towards what you really want.

The Knight of Cups shows that the move may offer you emotional rescue, but proceed with caution as although he may be a knight in shining armour, the Knight of Cups can be someone with unrealistic goals; you may be expecting too much.

The Page of Pentacles shows that this is the beginning of something new and you may need to approach things carefully and not be afraid to ask for guidance if you feel unsure of what to do. It may also suggest that you are too self-focussed.


This is clearly a very stressful and difficult time, which will take great mental strength; do not give in easily, to make it happen isn’t going to be easy. Moving to Coxley may be a good move, but make sure that your goals are realistic. You may want to keep your options open until you are certain that this location is the correct one for you. Do not forget the affect it may have on your daughter; keep her involved in decisions. Seek help and advice from family, friends and even professionals if you need to, there is no need to face this alone.

I hope this helps!
Best wishes
MacGabhann Tarot

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