#Tarot Reading for Week Commencing: 18 April 2016


The early part of the week sees The Tower.  This signifies the abrupt ending of something, a bolt from the blue or a fall from grace.  Although seen as a negative and destructive card, this really tells us that some kind of change is being forced upon us that we have no control over.  Although the change may not be welcome,  whatever happens, there’s no point trying to fight against it as this would be a waste of time and energy, it’s time to move forwards.

The middle of the week sees the Ace of Wands.  This tells of new beginnings, with lots of energy and excitement over starting a new project (which ties in nicely with the previous card), so let your creativity and originality shine through.

The end of the week is ruled by the King of Cups, which reminds us that we must not let our emotions get the better of us.  Remember to apply wisdom as well as compassion when making choices, as the correct balance is necessary to achieve the desired outcome.

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