#Tarot Reading for Week Commencing: 25 April 2016


The early part of the week sees the King of Wands; indicating that this is a time that requires confidence.  Is there a project that you are involved in?  If so, have faith in your knowledge and ability as a leader, but remember to lead by example.

The middle part of the week sees the King of Swords.  Much like the King of Wands, he is a leader, but although he is a sharp thinker with a logical approach, he does not iet emotions cloud his judgement.  If there are decisions to be made, be careful when making these; consider the feelings of others and yourself, but also check if these are actually relevant to the situation.  Are you making decisions with your head or your heart?  And which is the most appropriate?

The end of the week is ruled by The Empresss; she is a mother figure, someone of a nurturing nature.  Now is the time to think of yourself and family and to ensure you give them the time they deserve.  The working week is over (providing you work Monday to Friday), so enjoy the well-earned break.  This is also a reminder to remember the progress that you have made, no matter how daunting the task.

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