#Tarot Reading for Week Commencing: 13 June 2016

Tarot 160612

The early part of the week sees the 4 of Swords.  This indicates it’s time for a quiet time out; you need to recover and regroup.  Were there recent difficulties, or perhaps just a heavy weekend?  This is a reminder to take your foot off the gas and take some `Me’ time.

The middle of the week is ruled by the 2 of Wands.  You now feel able to tackle things that you were previously avoiding; there is more to life than your own backyard, so it’s time to widen your perspectives and take control of matters in hand.

The end of the week sees the Ace of Pentacles.  The message here is that you have the power to get what you need, so trust in your abilities; stay focused and you will see results.

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