Personalised #Tarot Reading: The End of Money Problems?

Dear S*******

Thank you for allowing me to consult the cards for you.

Your question that you wanted me to answer was: you are currently unable to work due to health problems and as such, money is getting tighter, so you want to know if your financial problems ever come to an end?

Whilst I cannot tell if good fortune is coming your way, I can look at what you can do to influence this.

For this, I did a 3 card reading as set out below:

How you feel about the situation is now: Knight of Wands

  • The Knight of Wands is energetic and enthusiastic, but sometimes underestimates the problem that he is confronting. This suggests that although initially you were not overly bothered by your financial situation, feeling either nonchalant or it was something that you could easily deal with, it is now apparent that this is a bigger problem than you first envisaged.

What you can do to improve things: 9 of Pentacles

  • The 9 of Pentacles suggests that hard work put in will gain the rewards you deserve. Also, your emotional stability is important, so be kind to yourself and look after yourself. Be patient and remember what you have and can realistically accomplish.

The possible outcome: Strength

  • The Strength card here seems to be suggesting that you will gain the strength to deal with the situation, but remember that facing reality and taking responsibility for your actions is important.


It looks like you may have not initially seen the money situation as a problem that you couldn’t deal with, but now you realise the severity of the situation. It is important that you stick at working towards getting yourself well, both physically and mentally in order to be rewarded for your efforts. In the future, you will need to be strong as it may not be an easy situation to get yourself out of and you will need to stay focussed if you wish to reap the rewards. Strength could also suggest that you are not too proud to ask for help when it is needed, so don’t feel that this is something you have to face alone; seek help from the correct source or sources when it is needed.

I hope this helps!
Best wishes
MacGabhann Tarot

Twitter: @macgabhanntarot


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