#Tarot Card Reading for Week Commencing: 8 August 2016

TCR 8-8-16

The beginning of the week sees the Princess of cups, indicating the start of some new love.  This could either mean a new relationship, or something that commands one’s emotions. This could well be a the first time in a long while that you feel safe and secure, as if everything is perfect.

The middle of the week, we see the Princess of Pentacles.This suggests the beginnings of something that will be of benefit or perhaps even profit.  This may be something that you are enthusiastic about, but you will need guidance, so ensure that you have done your homework, researched appropriately and have the right people at hand to help and assist.

The end of the week sees the sun.  Now is the time to enjoy happier times.  Your positive outlook will  will be obvious and uplifting for others, so don’t be surprised if you seem to be the centre of attention.

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