#Tarot Card Reading for Week Commencing: 15 August 2016

TCR 15-8-16

The beginning of the week is ruled by the 8 of Swords.  You feel like you are trapped, but you are failing to see, or don’t want to see the way out.  The truth is that you aren’t really trapped, but you are refusing to believe the truth of the matter and instead, living in your own negativity.

The middle of the weeks sees the 7 of Swords, so watch out for someone acting in an out-of-character way as it is likely that they are doing so for their own gains.

The end of the week we see the Queen of Cups.  She is someone that is full of love and compassion, so if you see someone in need of help emotionally, this could be your calling; so now may be the time to lend a sympathetic ear and help a friend in need.

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