Personalised #Tarot Card Reading: Decisions in Love

Dear C*******

Thank you for allowing me to consult the cards for you.

Your question that you wanted me to answer was: can you continue with your current relationship

For this, I did a 3 card reading as set out below:

Influences standing in the way of a relationship: Temperance

Temperance is is usually a card of balance and moderation, but Temperance also has one foot in the water and one foot out, in this case it is about you being unsure that this person is right for you. You are balancing things in your head instead of using the feeling in your heart (whatever it may be).

Influences acting in favour of a relationship: 5 of Cups

The 5 of Cups suggests you are clinging to something that has happened in the past and not looking at what you have.

What you can do to help this relationship: Ace of Cups

Aces are about new beginnings. The indication here is that there is a possibility for a new beginning if that what your heart is telling you.


The thing that is making you question your relationship is that you are unsure if you want to commit fully. Perhaps you should listen to what your heart tells you rather than balancing things in a logical way. Something has happened to make you feel this way, but remember what you have and not what has happened. Now could be the time to make a new start, if this is what you desire; put the past behind you and start thinking of this as a brand new relationship, but make sure you are fully committed.

I hope this helps!

Best wishes
MacGabhann Tarot

Twitter: @macgabhanntarot


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