#Tarot Reading for Week Commencing: 24 October 2016


The beginning of the week sees the King of Wands.  This is telling us that we should have confidence to take charge of a situation and also strive to set a good example.  Think of how you like to be treated and treat others the same way.

The middle of the week sees the King of Swords.  It seems that courage is not likely to be a problem, but instead the possibility of recklessness has crept in.  When making decisions, or taking action, just take a moment to ask yourself if your decisions are really for the best, or has the ego taken over.

The end of the week sees the 6 of Swords.  This indicates a move to uncharted waters.  Just because we may be doing something different, doesn’t mean that it has to be scary.  Do not fear what you do not know; instead, deal with situations as and when the arise and focus on living in the `now’.

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