#Tarot Card Reading for Week Commencing: 24 July 2017

TCR 24-7-17

The beginning of the week and the Queen of Swords tells you that sometimes it’s better to not pussy-foot around and get to the point.  Someone’s comments may seem harsh and even brash, but it’s just a no-nonsense approach, so don’t take their tone to heart

This theme continues in the middle of the week.  The King of Swords is all about getting to the point and not allowing emotions to cloud your judgement.  So do not let your heart rule your head when it is clear that logic is the key to making decisions.

The end of the week and it looks as though the 7 of Swords is warning against deception.  Do not try to fool yourself that you are taking the right course of action.  Be honest and open; now is not the time to try covering your tracks.

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